Top 5 Movies and Web Series watch in May 2021

Top 5 Movies and Web Series to watch in May 2021, Check out Top IMDb Editors' picks for the Best movies and shows coming in May 2021 list below.

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Top 5 Movies and Web Series to watch in May 2021

1. Spiral 

Release: Theaters on Friday, May 14

Storyline: A criminal mastermind unleashes a twisted form of justice in Spiral, the terrifying new chapter from the book of Saw.

Our Take: Honestly, I'm not going to be watch this with my eyes open, and probably even the sound will be too much for me to handle, but I love that Chris Rock has joined the ranks of comedians shifting into the horror genre, executive producing and starring in the ninth (yes ninth!) installment of the SAW horror franchise. Based off ideas Rock brought to Lionsgate, Spiral is billed as a continuation of the canon, not a reboot, which really has me wondering just how the story will be flipped. Maybe someone can just tell me about it afterwards. — Vanessa

Top 5 Movies and Web Series to watch in May 2021

2. Pose 

Release: Season 3 Premieres on FX on Sunday, May 2

Storyline: It's 1994. As the AIDS epidemic continues to ravage New York City, Blanca must balance her relationships with her partner and her children with her new role as a nurse's aide. Pray Tell contends with unexpected health burdens. And the emergence of a vicious new upstart house forces the House of Evangelista members to contend with their legacy.

Our Take: I have learned to accept that "Pose" was always conceived as a three-act narrative, and its final season was trimmed to 7 episodes in order to accommodate filming during the height of the pandemic in New York City. Jumping forward in time to the early 1990s feels right, lest we forget this was the era of the real-world documentary Paris Is Burning. I like to imagine the fictional Blanca, Pray Tell, and all the legendary mothers and children burning up ballroom floors with the dearly departed Willi Ninja, Octavia St. Laurent, and Venus Xtravaganza. — Arno

Top 5 Movies and Web Series to watch in May 2021
DC's Legends of Tomorrow

3. DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Release: Season 6 Premieres on The CW on Sunday, May 2

Storyline: The mostly-heroic crew of the Waverider travel through time and space trying to fix more problems than they create.

Our Take: "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" is the weirdest superhero show on television, and we love it! While the cast is always in flux (we'll miss you Brandon Routh!), the heart of the show stays intact, and the format keeps us guessing each week. This season promises an extra helping of weird, courtesy of alien abductions, intergalactic singing competitions, and an animated episode. —Marcus

Top 5 Movies and Web Series to watch in May 2021
Jupiter's Legacy

4. Jupiter's Legacy

Release: Series Premieres on Netflix on Friday, May 7

Storyline: The first generation of superheroes has kept the world safe for nearly a century. Now their children must live up to their legacy in an epic drama that spans decades and navigates the dynamics of family, power and loyalty.

Our Take: I didn't grow up reading comics, so I know diehard fans of Kick-Ass creator Mark Millar hope his Netflix show — the first project to come out of his bonkers-lucrative deal with the streaming service — lives up to the legacy of his longest running comic-book series. Even a casual viewer like me can see the influence of Star Wars and Roman mythology on the show, and though I've heard the first few episodes are a little rocky, remember that the uneven first season of "Umbrella Academy" gave way to one of Netflix's best, and most popular, shows. — Arno

Top 5 Movies and Web Series to watch in May 2021, Check out Top IMDb Editors' picks for the Best movies and shows coming in May 2021.    The Movies and TV You Can't Miss

5. Legendary

Release: Season 2 Premieres on HBO Max on Thursday, May 6

Storyline: Iconic houses from ballroom culture leave it all on the floor as they face off in this reality competition series.

Our Take: An ecstatic late-night text from my BFF is how I learned that "Legendary" somehow shot a new season during quarantine. I love that HBO Max is moving away from binge-viewing in favor of weekly new-episode drops for some of their programs, because I'm having more weekly check-ins with friends to discuss the latest twists and eliminations instead of interacting with memes like they're real people. Can't wait to welcome back the judging panel and ultraluxe host Dashaun Wesley. Fingers crossed that we get longer looks at the routines in Season 2, and that someone reinvents the death drop. — Arno

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